The art of fooding

FOOD-ING noun/adjective

Fooding is the art of eating, enjoying and talking about food. Anyone who takes pleasure in savoring a delicious meal, with someone who’s company they enjoy, can share in the act of fooding.

The Fooding Co. is super excited, to offer you superior culinary services! Learn how to cook easy, gourmet food, in the comfort of your own home, by a passionate, and inspiring, chef. Whether you’re looking to dine in luxury, and would love for a private chef to come to your home, to cook you a delicious meal, or cater your next cocktail party. Perhaps you just need an easy, delivered dinner ready to go on a busy week night. Well look no further! The Fooding Co. can provide any of the following services;

Private cooking classes
Cooking Parties
Personal chef services
Basic food prep demos for care givers and nannies
Team building cooking events – Corporate
Bridal showers / Stagettes
Shiva delivery – kosher style only
Special Holiday catering
* Event planning & Design

3 thoughts on “The art of fooding

  1. Jaime, I love your concept and name! Wishing you much well deserved success in your exciting new business venture! The sky’s the limit!

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